‘Lib Dems will be letting Jeremy Hunt off the hook if they abstain’

Local Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, has claimed that if Lib Dem MPs choose to abstain in a Commons vote calling for an investigation into whether the Culture Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, broke the ministerial code over his handling of the News Corporation BSkyB bid they will ‘effectively be letting him off the hook’.

Tom’s criticisms come following revelations that Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg had told fellow Lib Dem MPs “to stay away” from the vote. The motion, tabled by Labour, is demanding an investigation into whether the culture secretary breached the ministerial code by failing to give “accurate and truthful information to Parliament” over his dealings with News Corp at the time and by failing to “take responsibility” for his special adviser Adam Smith.

Tom said:
“This latest act of cowardice is just another sign that the Lib Dems are nothing more than Tory puppets in this Coalition. Whilst they may claim that they are not supporting Jeremy Hunt, failing to even turn up to vote for Labour’s motion will ensure that his actions remain unchallenged and the sorry state of affairs continues.

“As with tuition fees and the NHS debacle voters won’t forget that, when it mattered most, ministerial cars meant more to them than representing their constituents. For the Lib Dems to gain any sense of credibility they need to show some moral backbone and vote for transparency on this issue.”

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