Government needs to get a grip on unsustainable energy prices – Tom Blenkinsop MP

A report by uSwitch, the independent price comparison and switching service, has stated that energy bills are set to become ‘unaffordable’ in less than three years time.

The research found that once the average household energy bill reaches £1,500 energy will no longer be affordable. At this point, 59% of people will have to go without adequate heating, while a third of people will be forced to switch off their heating entirely.

The average household bill is already £1,252 a year, more than double what it was 8 years ago. If the current pricing trends continue, then the crucial tipping point of £1,500 will be exceeded by 2015 and by 2018 the average annual energy bill could be £2,766.

Tom said:
“The Government has to get a hold on rising energy bills. Families and pensioners are already suffering because of Tory cuts and tax rises. The soaring energy bills are making what are already difficult financial times almost unendurable.

“Energy now accounts for such a large chunk of household income that more people than ever are having to ration their energy use. But this is not a sustainable solution and is potentially very harmful. Hypothermia-related deaths have almost doubled over the last five years, a fact that can be directly attributed to escalating energy costs.

“Asking people to ‘shop around’ for a better deal is not a suitable answer to the energy bill crisis. The Government needs to get its act together and support Labour’s plans to overhaul the energy market and deliver fair prices for everybody.”

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