Tom drops in to ‘Friday @ Freebrough’

Local MP, Tom Blenkinsop, last week (11th May 2012) visited young constituents at their weekly youth club at Freebrough Academy to talk with them about issues and any concerns they may have – and a quick game of pool!

‘Friday@Freebrough’ was set up in August 2011 and is led by Michelle Bowmaker and Sue Hinds with support from a variety of other agencies including the local Police and Fire Brigade. Students can take part in a range of activities including; sports, arts and crafts, music and ICT.

Tom said:
“I was very pleased to be invited to the youth club and to be given the chance to talk with young people about issues they may be facing. It is important to come to these evenings as it gives young people the opportunity to talk with their Member of Parliament in an environment that they feel comfortable in.

“This type of evening is much needed for the local community and I praise the hard work Michelle and Sue are putting in. The kids clearly enjoy socialising on a Friday evening and I’m told the club attracts around 100 young people each week – and the evening just keeps going from strength to strength with what it can offer.”

“I hope the young people enjoyed having me here and I look forward to coming back in the near future. However, I don’t think I left too many impressed with my pool skills so I’m not in any rush to take any of them on again.”

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