“Millions wasted by NHS reorganisation and redundancy costs in South Teesside” – Tom Blenkinsop

There have been millions wasted in needless NHS reorganisation and redundancy costs across the South Tees area” according to Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (16th April 2012)
Tom said:
“Figures obtained by Labour’s Shadow Health team today show the sheer level of costs to the public of the re-organisation of health services by the Coalition Government since they came to power, and also show the costs of sacking valuable NHS staff who could otherwise be still employed helping to improve local health services.
“In the South Tees area, covering my constituency, the figures are enormous. In the Redcar and Cleveland NHS Primary Care Trust area there have been redundancy costs of £1,937,000 and reorganisation costs of £10, 946,242. In the Middlesbrough PCT area we see redundancy costs of £3,321,000 and re-organisation costs of £11,198,727. Across the River Tees North Tees and Hartlepool NHS costs are similar.
“Everyone will recognise that this is money and human talent being wasted by the NHS. We have heard of staff made redundant with a pay-off by one NHS Trust only to be re-hired by another trust, whilst much of the costs of re-organisation has been frittered away on consultancy and legal costs to advise on new forms of organisation. All this is cash that could have been kept in the NHS locally – for instance to keep threatened wards at Guisborough General Hospital open, to expand primary care services in areas of South Tees with high levels of illness or to spend on more and better home care services for elderly patients. Instead it has been cash wasted – and it has been our cash. This merely shows yet again how you cannot trust Andrew Lansley and the Tories to care for the NHS.”

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