MP urges Charity Tax rethink amid concerns of falling donations

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland MP, Tom Blenkinsop, has today (5th April 2012) expressed concern over reports that charities are under threat following the tax relief policy announced in Chancellor George Osborne’s controversial Budget last month.

The latest attack on the Budget comes from the think-tank Centre for Social Justice, which was formerly run by Welfare Minister Iain Duncan Smith and has been heavily influential with developing Government policy for charities.

Tom said:

“It’s a clear sign of how poor the recent Budget statement was that, over two weeks on from the announcement, it continues to draw new criticisms. “When a think-tank so heavily involved with Government ministers comes out against these proposals it is clear that the tax relief policy isn’t right. Already they are saying that big charity donors are now not only likely to give less but perhaps not at all.”

Under the new rules, people will only be able to claim tax relief on £50,000 or a quarter of their income, whichever is larger.
Tom added:

“On top of this we have the Prime Minister, David Cameron, set to invest £600 million into a fund for his failed ‘big society’ which seems like a knee jerk reaction to less charitable big donors following the failed Budget. David Cameron should put his ego aside and invest this money into Local Authorities that are struggling under immense cuts and are cutting back on things such as vital youth services and other struggling local organisations.”

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