“Time to be open about Operation Sacristy”

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today said he now feels it is time to be “open” about the Operation Sacristy investigation.

Tom said “Operation Sacristy now extends to some 4,963 documents, 2,325 exhibits, 764 statements and 37 interviews, involving 715 named individuals.

Although I am firmly of the view that it is important not to rush an investigation if doing so would weaken the likelihood of justice being done, there are clearly public interest issues.

According to the Police Authority, though, “the matters under investigation are complex and extensive, some relate to matters that occurred several years ago, some more recent” and we need to know what these are. They also say “some of those under investigation are very senior public figures and leaders, occupying influential positions with significant responsibilities and powers.”

I fear that if this investigation continues without the public being informed of its scope and specific allegations, the people of Cleveland might find themselves struggling to trust local leaders. As such, I am urging the Sacristy team to be much more open about this important investigation.”

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