“Will New Right to Buy Announcement Strip Housing Case from Teesside?”- Tom Blenkinsop MP Poses the Question to Ministers

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, will today (March 12th 2012) be asking government ministers if new ‘right to buy’ powers to be announced today will lead to cash being siphoned off from areas like Teesside to wealthy areas like the South East.

Tom said “In the new right to buy announcement today Housing Minister, Grant Shapps is saying he expects 100,000 extra families to buy their socially rented homes with the promise of ‘one to one’ replacement of new social homes from the cash raised by these sales.

However no one has asked whether these will be in the area where the right to buy is exercised and he has not made it explicit that this is not the case. If this new rule is not ring-fenced then we could see homes on Teesside being taken out of the rented market locally, only to be replaced by new social homes in – say – London and the South East. We could end up with a even more choked off housing market, less rented homes for local young families who need these homes, and with the double whammy of already very wealthy areas benefiting from all this. I intend to pose this question directly to Ministers today if I am called in debate.”

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