Tom Blenkinsop MP in “Think Again” Plea to Middlesbrough Council Over Future of Lollipop Crossings

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP has today (29th February 2012) pleaded with Middlesbrough Borough Council to “think again” over the future of a number of school crossing patrols near to local primary schools.

Amongst the threatened patrols are crossings in South Middlesbrough – part of Tom’s constituency, including crossings on busy roads like Stainton Way and Marton Road

Tom said “I am a realist, and I am only too well aware of the tremendous pressures put on local councils by the financial cuts imposed by the coalition government, and it is no surprise that they do have to look to economies across all heads to help to fund other – equally crucial – services. However, I do have to say that the local community do see their lollipop ladies as crucial for child safety.

To say that crossings like the one at Marton shops are signal controlled and are safe, may look good on paper, but local people and parents well know that on this busy road, drivers often jump the lights. A lollipop lady is needed as an effective deterrent to bad driving.

Other crossings such as across Stainton Way at the Brunton Arms, across The Avenue in Nunthorpe or at Amersham Road in Park End, are also on busy through roads and I can guess that many parents will be firing off angry letters to me on these issues.

Middlesbrough Council have not said as far as I can make out that these plans are a done deal, and I will be contacting the council as a matter of urgency to carry out proper up to date speed and traffic surveys, as well as looking to see if schools themselves could help financially to keep these services alive. Our children’s safety cannot be reduced to an accountants logic.”

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