“Jubilation” at news Guisborough Mail Delivery Office will be staying open

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (3rd December 2011) said he was ‘jubilant’ that Royal Mail had decided not, after all, to close the Guisborough Mail Office.

Tom said “I have now been told via the Communication Workers Union who have been contacted by local management that the depot is now safe. I’m jubilant.”

“There was an huge uproar in the town when the original closure proposal was tabled. Local people and businesses were rightly concerned that this would mean a poorer mail service for the town, and that they would be faced with a long two way trip to and from Redcar to pick up undelivered parcels. At the same time, the dedicated team of workers at the centre feared – at worse – for their jobs and their quality of their working life if they were to be transferred away from their home depot.”

“What was striking about this battle was the way it united the town. I want to thank all those all backed the struggle to keep the centre open – above all the staff and their Trade Union, the Communications Workers Union. I also want to thank local people for backing the fight, local businesses – especially Guisborough Town Football Club – who dedicated a home game to the cause of saving the centre – and local Labour Councillors Denise Bunn, Bill Suthers, David Williams and Joe Keeenan.”

“This is a victory for Guisborough, but is also an object lesson on how we can beat the cuts being imposed on local communities by the Government and by agencies and businesses – like the Royal Mail – who are aping these cuts.”

“This is a day to celebrate. Labour and the local community delivers”

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