Redcar Lib Dem MP is lying about local steelworkers

Tom Blenkinsop, Labour MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, hit out at Ian Swales, the Liberal Dempcrat MP for Redcar for ‘reckless comments’ today about the steel union, Community Trade Union and its members.

Tom said “Ian spoke to me on the train yesterday about some recent disturbances outside the steel house roundabout.”

“I told him clearly that these very few men had nothing to do with the SSI workforce, were outside contractors and were not members of not the main SSI Union, the Community Trade Union.”

“Its a pity he has deliberately ignored these facts to attempt to lie to the public and score cheap political points in a Tory-union baiting fashion.”

“He should be continuing to thank Community Union who led the Save Our Steel campaign,which he was so happy to jump on board last May, after all the hard work had been done by men such as Geoff Waterfield-himself a Community Union member.”

“It is just a shame the MP for Redcar is more interested in scoring cheap union-baiting points, whilst misleading the public, rather than constructively helping our local steel industry.”

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