Professionals and GP’s Now Being Asked to Take Part in Education Programme on ‘How to Implement Government Cuts’

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (November 7th 2011) revealed that GP’s and health professionals are now being asked to sign up to educational modules on ‘how to make cuts to services’ following any implementation of the Coalition Government’s Health and Social Care Bill which seeks to make GP’s direct commissioners of medical care.

Tom said “The respected medical magazine ‘Pulse’ is now advertising these courses, which, in their words, will advise GP’s and local practice managers on ‘a step-by-step guide to decommissioning – boosting productivity and helping keep budgets under control’.”

“Pulse says the objectives are to give ‘GP-focused advice on decommissioning’, including:

* Understanding what you are currently commissioning, and patient needs
* Identifying services that may not be providing value for money
* Holding a contract review meeting with provider
* Ensuring robust stakeholder engagement
* Ensuring that you comply with competition rules

In other words – how to make cuts, deal with the new private outside competitors who are emerging and how to deal with the resulting patient criticism!”

“I need to say that I am not blaming Pulse Magazine for doing this. They are merely having to deal with what will come from this ill-advised and damaging Bill when or if its provisions are enacted. The fact that courses like this for your local GP’s are even having to considered, is an indictment of the Government’s claim that this Bill was in the public interest. Clearly, this shows it is not.”

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