Big Spender Jeremy Hunt’s £750,000 on Olympic Tickets Could Have Saved Captain Cook Museum from this Winter’s Closure

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop said today (8th November 2011) that the revelation that Sports and Culture Minister, Jeremy Hunt, had lashed out almost £750,000 on Olympic tickets for Ministers, top civil servants and guests “was an insult to an area which has seen the closure of the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum, and which could have been saved by his department.”
Tom said “what makes this worse is that they’ve not bought cheap seats either.  The Department of Culture, Media and Sports have bagged over 400 tickets to the beach volleyball on Horse Guard’s Parade, overlooked by many Whitehall departments where they could have had a free view, at a total cost of £14,295.  They have also scooped up 226 tickets and a further 1,020 passes for the popular biking events.  In addition, 140 tickets were bought for the opening ceremony and £33,085 has been spent on the track and field sessions being held at the main Olympic Stadium.”

“This is an insult to areas like Middlesbrough which are seeing cultural and sporting facilities under threat, and where the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum has already had to shut its doors for the winter, amongst fears it may never re-open.  It is also an insult to the many thousands of genuine sports enthusiasts who have applied for Olympic tickets but have been rejected in the over subscribed draw.  It seems there is one rule for the Government fat cats and their hangers on, and another rule for the rest of us.”

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