“Cameron Has Lied to Every Man, Woman and Child in Teesside and East Cleveland on NHS and Hospital Cuts”

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today (2nd October 2011) said he “was incandescent” over the sheer scale of cuts to local hospitals that have been unveiled, and that David Cameron “has lied to every man, woman and child on Teesside and East Cleveland about the scale of cuts to local health services”.

Tom said “We are talking mega millions here – £134 million for Teesside as a whole in the three main hospital trusts, with £69 million of that to come from Teesside’s most modern and well-equipped hospital, the James Cook University Hospital which caters for my constituents.”

“And what worries me even more is that today’s announcement only covers the existing hospital trusts. We have yet to learn exactly how much will be cut from the budgets of the local Primary Care Trusts – who also, in my constituency, run smaller hospitals like the East Cleveland Unit in Brotton and the Guisborough General Hospital”.

“This is the living proof of the sheer scale of the local NHS cuts being ordered by David Cameron, Nick Clegg, George Osborne aided and abetted by Health Secretary Andrew Lansley. Teesside – an area where people on average have shorter life spans and more chance of contracting serious life threatening illnesses – is being put to the sword by this Tory-Liberal Democrat coalition.”

“Local people should now rise up as one as say ‘enough is enough’ and that the government must pull back from imposing such draconian cuts, cuts that could well mean an early grave for some of my constituents.”

“I and my Labour colleagues on Teesside will be looking closely to see what our two local coalition MP’s will say about this announcement. Will they side with public opinion, or will they follow the orders given to them by their party leaders? Teesside will want to know.”

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