362 representations on Captain Cook Birthplace Museum

Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland Labour MP, Tom Blenkinsop, today revealed by a Parliamentary Question that over 300 direct letters had been sent to the Government to ask them to step in and help Middlesbrough Council keep the Captain Cook Museum in Marton’s Stewart Park.

Tom said “I put a question to Culture Ministers and they have now said that they have had 362 direct approaches on this matter. But then they went on to say it was totally ‘a Middlesbrough Council matter’ – which misses the point that these letters were sent to Culture Ministers in the hope they would help, given the national significance of the museum and of its collection.”

“Instead of shrugging this matter off, Ministers should do the decent thing and offer to see how they and their Culture Ministry Civil Servants can help Middlesbrough directly. It seems that our Culture Ministers are only interested in places like the Royal Opera House or Glyndebourne – and not anything a long way out of their south eastern comfort zone.

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